Basic of HTML

Basics of HTML Theory

Basics of HTML

In previous post, we had discussed about ‘HTML Editors’ and ‘How to work on HTML?’

Here we will discuss about basic of HTML(Hypertext Markup language)

An HTML element is incomplete without of its start tagend tag and with its content. The HTML element is complete without error with start tag to the end tag:

It has a start tag and an end tag .

HTML Tag is define by greater than and less than sign. And end tag can be identified by (/).

For example:


HTML elements can be nested (html elements inside the html elements). All HTML documents consist of nested HTML elements.

For example:

<title>This is nested html element</title>

In the above code <head> head tag is inside the <html> HTML tag and <title> title tag is inside the <head> head tag.

Empty HTML Elements

HTML elements where we can not put the content in between of starting or ending the tag are called empty elements. For example: <br/> BR Tag, <hr> HR Tag

Use Lower case HTML Tags?

Though HTML Tags are not case sensitive. But for the best practice, We  should use html in lower case. 

Attributes in HTML

Every html tags has some attributes which provide additional information about the element.

For Example: <a href=””>

in above example “href” is the attribute for a tag.



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