HTML Abbreviation Tag

HTML <abbr> Tag

In previous post, we had discussed about anchor tag which is useful to create link from one page to another. 

Here we will discuss about <abbr>  Tag.

The   Tag (abbreviation tag) defines an abbreviation or an acronym to explain full form of short words, like “HTML” as Hypertext Markup Language or CSS as Cascading Style Sheets.

An tag (abbreviation tag) is designed as follows:

<title>Title is here</title>
We are using <abbr title=” Hypertext Markup Language “> HTML</abbr> here.

In the above example, you can check abbreviation of HTML by mouse hover on <abbr> element. 

The above code in the page output is mentioned in below figure.

Abbr Tag

Tip: An abbreviation and an acronym are both shortened versions. Both are often represented as a letters series.

Abbreviations tag can give information to browsers and search-engines.

Tip: We can use global title attribute in Tag to define full form of the abbreviation/acronym by mouse hover on element.


The <abbr> tag also supports the Event attributes in HTML. For example: onload, onresize, onpageshow etc.


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