HTML Acronym Tag

<acronym> Tag in HTML

In previous post, we had discussed about abbreviation tag which is used to abbreviate short word to full text.  

Here in this post, we will discuss about  <acronym> Tag.

acronym tag in html

The <acronym> element and title attribute is used to define a full-text definition with an acronym.

NOTE: The <acronym> tag does not support in HTML5. We can use <abbr> tag instead of acronym.

Define Acronym Tag

The acronyms tag tells full text definition of short word. It provide useful information to browsers and search-engines. This element support all browsers.

<title>Title is here</title>
 We should reach there <acronym title=”as soon as possible”>ASAP</acronym>.

In the above example, you can check The acronyms tag defining full definition of short word (ASAP).

The above code in the page output is mentioned in below figure.

Acronym In HTML

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