List of HTML Tags


In previous post, we had discussed about basics of html or html description that every should know HTML.

Here we will discuss about all HTML tags and their use


List of HTML Tags



Use for comment

It specifies the html version

Anchor tag Specifies an Hyperlink

It is use for abbreviation


It Specifies an acronym


It shows our address element (Contact Information)


Deprecated. Specifies an applet


It Specifies an area of an image map


It makes our text bold (solid)


It shows a base URL for all the links in a page


Deprecated. Specifies a base font


Specifies the direction of text display


It is used for background music


It helps to make your text big


It makes our text blink


Specifies a long quotation


It specifies the body (content) elements


It breaks line


It is used to make a button


It makes caption in the table


It makes our text align center


Specifies a citation


It specifies computer code text


It specifies attributes for table columns 


It specifies a group of table columns


It makes comments in the documents


It defines definition description


It specifies delete text


It shows definition term


It specifies a directory list


It specifies a section (block) in a document


It specifies a definition list


It specifies a definition term


It specifies emphasized (Ittalic) text 


Embeds an external application in a document


Specifies a fieldset


It specifies text font, size, and color


To create a form 


It specifies a sub window (a frame)


It specifies a set of frames

<h1> to <h6>

It Specifies heading 1 to heading 6


It contains information about the document


It makes horizontal line


It shows a HTML document


It makes our text italic


It makes an inline sub window (frame)


It is used to place an image in our document


Form  input field that allow user to type text input


Used for  inserted text


Specifies a single-line input field


It shows keyboard text


Generate key information in a form


Specifies a label for a form field control


Specifies a title in a fieldset


To create list item


Specifies a resource reference


Use for image mapping 


To create a scrolling-text marquee


It create a menu list


Specifies meta information


Specifies a noframe section


Specifies a noscript section


Specifies an embedded object


To make an ordered list


It specifies an option group


Specifies an option in a drop-down list


To create a  paragraph


It specifies a parameter for an object


To make pre-formatted plain text


To make pre-formatted plain text


Specifies a short quotation


To write strikethrough text


To add a script language


It allows user to select from dropdown


To create a white space


To make small text


Allow to write different formatted text in same line


It makes text strikethrough


It makes text bold


Specifies a style definition


To write subscripted text


To write superscripted text


To create a table in the document


It specifies a table body area


It create table cell


It allows user to write a paragraph in form field.


It create table footer


It create a table header


Specifies a table header


It shows document title


It creates row of a table


It specifies teletype text


It makes our text underline


To make an unordered list


It specifies a variable


Specifies preformatted text

These are the HTML Tags that we will cover.

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