Photoshop Toolbox, Photoshop Layer Panel & Photoshop Brush panel

Photoshop Toolbar, Layer Panel and Brush Panel

In previous blog, we had discussed about Photoshop Shortcut Keys and how to use Photoshop Shortcuts. Here we will talk about Photoshop ToolbarPhotoshop Layer Panel and Photoshop Brushes.

As we work on any software, we open a new page to work. In the similar way we click on Photoshop and open a new page. For opening new page we have to go to File > New  or you can use Ctrl+N.
After opening a new file, your screen will be looking like:

Photoshop open document
Photoshop with open new document

Let’s talk about panels in Photoshop. There are multiple panels available in Photoshop, below we will talk about few of the panels in Photoshop.

Toolbox – Toolbox is a set of tools, which plays an important role in Photoshop. It is said to be our driving control of Photoshop, with the help of different tools available we manage Photoshop page. To show or hide tools, choose Window > Tools.

Ruler – With the help of ruler, we can measure size and space. And set each distance equal between the objects. To show or hide rulers, choose View > Rulers or You can also use shortcut Ctrl+R.

Layer Panel – This is an important area in Photoshop which hold your work objects in terms of multiple group and layers in Photoshop layer panel. To show or hide layer panel, Choose Window > Layers or You can also use shortcut F7.

Brush Panel – As we know Photoshop is famous for editing pictures or design new creative and much more. For showing your new creativity or designing new things, Photoshop has brush tool. Bush panel hold multiple styles of brushes to make your design more creative. To show brush panel, choose   Window > brush or you can also use shortcut F5.

Photoshop with defined Tools, Layers and Brushes

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